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An international production company based out of the North East of England, making mainstream, independent, commercial and corporate projects that are new and unique with fresh ideas and an independent vision. Our dynamic, eclectic and creative company provides projects for the UK and International market with in-depth production experience from around the world, ranging from Marseille in France, to an extensive workbase in London, England as well as having carried out work in New York and Los Angeles - Dan Perry Productions is the vibrant, dextrous and inventive company that provides media solutions to all of your film needs.

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26 February 2014

Kick Off Feeback

So, got the audience feedback from the scratch performance of my comedy football piece last month where the scratch night stipulation was to create an interactive piece with a non-traditional audience setting. There was mixed feedback on what was very much an experimental piece as expected, but very helpful in terms of where I want to push this piece forward. Was very kind of fellow playwright Mhairi Ledgerwood to say "Dan, this was my favourtie piece of yours so far, I mean I loved Staggered and all your other stuff but this one really felt like a different direction; almost like a leap into the unknown and I loved it." Really nice of Mhairi (who...

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