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Having worked across a variety of different mediums, with a highly skilled assortment of freelance film crew, our production company can offer top drawer directing services for a multitude of projects.

From Drama and Commercials to Corporate Promo's, Music Videos and Commercials, our wide ranging directing experience offers a fresh slant on film-making with a wealth of experience in media as well as being involved in a number of projects featured in film festivals around the world.

The company's thespian connections also have a wide range of access to the acting community and we pride ourselves on developing emerging talent as well as working with established actors.

We have on-location sound equipment and have access to specialists in sound recording, as well as a history of working with emerging visionary cinematographers and production crew.

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We are currently working with International Poet, Andy Willoughby on a multimedia show and globe-spanning documentary. 

Need an Awesome Video?

Need an AWESOME video?