Photography 2019

Durham. Summer of 2019. Shot on 06.07.19 Copyright Dan Perry Productions

The term Photographer is banded around a lot in recent years and I feel there are three speciifc and completely different types of subsets of photographers: AmTographers, InStographers and ProTographers. I have been all three at various stages in my life and career and the line between Photographer and Videographer has become increasingly blurred over the past 10 years.


Amateur / Enthusiast photoraphers who take photo’s for experience and as a hobby.


Mi-skilled photo-takers purely social media driven. Usually don’t know what ISO, Shutter speed and aperture are.


Professionally paid, commissioned and above all experienced Photographers who are experts in their field.

I have always been video focused, but have actually traded and made a living as a professional brand photographer quite successfully over the years.

so if you’re interested in stills as well as video for hire, contact