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An international production company based out of the North East of England, making mainstream, independent, commercial and corporate projects that are new and unique with fresh ideas and an independent vision. Our dynamic, eclectic and creative company provides projects for the UK and International market with in-depth production experience from around the world, ranging from Marseille in France, to an extensive workbase in London, England as well as having carried out work in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles – Dan Perry Productions is the vibrant, dextrous and inventive company that provides media solutions to all of your film needs.

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Mayhem Project (13 Chef Extravaganza)

Trains! Sushi! Skyscrapers! Kimono’s! Water features! DEER ISLAND AT MIYAJIMA!!!!! Japan is amazing, check it all out here for an exquisite flavour […]

Japan in 4K

A favourite of ours to shoot and produce for Middlesbrough FC to promote the coming of a new season and […]

New Boro New Season

One of our favourite videos to work on, the official kit launch of the 2014-2015 Middlesbrough FC strip.

Official Middlesbrough FC Kit Launch

A promotional video for the awesome Rollover Hot Dogs.

Rollover Hotdogs

Audience feedback from the 2013 Staggered tour. A new play by Dan Perry.

Staggered Feedback (VoxPops)

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Our Services

Dan Perry Productions produces high quality content for film, television, documentary and corporate projects from preproduction through to filming and post-production.

We are extremely proud of our high standard of production value and international clients in the past have included television for Endemol, American commercials with Newcastle Brown Ale for US television, camerawork for ITV and many more. As well as on-set film production, we can provide video casting sessions for clients, on-location footage and behind the scenes content for media operations. If it involves a camera we can sort you out!

Our Services

Photography 2020

I have always been video focused, but have traded and made a living as a professional brand photographer quite successfully […]

Filming in London 2019

We’ve been backwards and forwards filming in London quite a lot these past few weeks and I am very lucky […]

Editing for Endemol

My timehop flashed up today with a picture of the team and I working on broadcast television content for the […]

T Junction 2018

Currently hard at work in our Edit Suite working on the edit for the awesome T Junction Festival.

“We are constantly keeping up with the evolution of film, television and digital media and are always looking to innovate in the sector.”