A vast and assorted experience.

About Me

"Human life is literally amazing! And it needs capturing on camera!"

Dan Perry is a Playwright, Filmmaker and Screenwriting Lecturer.

Based out of the North East of England and with an extensive background in film content production, Dan’s body of work ranges from independent arthouse to clinical commercial prodcution.

Blessed with an unbridled passion for storytelling; Dan has filmed the heights of high fashion at New York Fashion Week to living out of a rucksack in a rental car in California whilst working from job to job in Los Angeles, whilst also having studied the art of French Cinema whilst working for the British Council in Marseille and had been based lived in London prior to lauching DPP LTD in 2009.


"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."
  • BA (Hons) in English Literature & Philosophy
  • MA Creative Writing (Hons) [Dissertation in Screenwriting, Distinction in Playwrighting]
  • Met Film School (Ealing Studios) Class of 2008
  • CPPD Institute of Digital Innovation in Professional Broadcast Production
  • CPPD Institute of Digital Innovation in Directing for Green Screen

Our Skills

We are constantly keeping up with the evolution of film, television and digital media and are always looking to innovate in the sector.

Film Production

Camera Work



Dan Perry Productions

Dan Perry Productions was established in 2009 to provide high quality productions for the film, television, stage and corporate markets.

Our wide range of production services include corporate promotions for businesses, advertisements for television, music videos for artists, sub-contracted work on independent feature films and we have built a portfolio of eclectic and festival celebrated short films.

The company provides website content in addition to training and motivational video for businesses as well as educational film and this is due to a specialist skillset in web-driven and smartphone content. Film is our passion and we have brought digital footage into the theatre arena to enhance stage content as well as pinging Casting and Location footage for epic-scale productions around the world.

With an extensive network of key industry contacts in all sectors, Dan Perry Productions has carried out work all over the world from an office in Hartlepool and strives to attain excellence in all our endeavours; no project is too big or too small. Our ambitious, innovative and prolific production company works with a talented base of freelance cinemtographers, directors, producers, production designers, writers, sound recordists, score composers, AD's, AP's, editors, technicians, gaffers... you name it, we got it! It is through this broad range of services that the company aims to be one of Film and Televisions mainstay enterprises and our corporate client list for film solutions in business is ever-expanding. We have many clients returning to us for projects and cultivating business relations with our existing clients is a priority in addition to attaining new ones.

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