Film Production

I need a Film Director! Then get in touch, we produce high quality content for film, television, documentary and even video and media content for stage productions. Our services in pre-production (planning, logistics, contracts etc), production (the actual shoot, our favourite bit!) and right through to post-production with our state of the art edit suite.

Dan Perry Productions produces high quality content for film, television, documentary and corporate projects from pre-production through to filming and post-production.

We are extremely proud of our high standard of production value and whether we’re working on microbudget indie films or epic scale commercials for international brands you will get our 110% graft with our enthusiastic quality of service.

In the past have included television for Endemol, American commercials with Newcastle Brown Ale for US television, camerawork for ITV and many more. As well as on-set film production, we can provide video casting sessions for clients, on-location footage and behind the scenes content for media operations. If it involves a camera we can sort you out!

Email for more information about how we can make or assist with your project.

Feel free to browse the services we provide, from our quality literature-based writing to our in-house editing facility and top end film cameras.