Film Consultancy

With a solid track record in the film and media industry, we can help you. Get in touch to see how we can blow your mind!

We’ve been doing the film thing for a long time.

With a wide ranging film consultancy, we specialise in advising clients and providing services in the fields of Development, Film Financing, International Film Marketing & Distribution, Publicity, video editingĀ and International logistics as well as Social Media campaigns and Viral Marketing.

We have advised directors, producers, writers, actors, technicians, financiers (both individuals and groups) as well as a major reality TV players and advertisers on both sides of the Atlantic and in Asia.

The format of such consultations has ranged between simple one-to-one advice from just a few hours discussion to our assembling an EPIC team befitting an EPIC project.

Our advice has covered every aspect: from development to production to distribution to sales agency, even providing marketable artwork to help in securing finance and film festival strategy.

We work exclusively for the interest of those who have secured our services and have helped to advise financing for producers by putting in place a solid business structure.

After all, this is the business of show!