Darlo Documentary

3rd February 2012

A documentary about the state of modern British football. On the 3rd of January 2012, Darlington FC went into Administration for the 3rd time in 9 years. These are the games against Barrow (away) and Fleetwood (at home), potentially the last in the club’s 129 year history. As seen through the eyes of lifelong fan Paul Hodgson, a Darlington fan confined to a wheelchair due to Meningitis of the spine as a child.

This is a segment of a larger documentary about the plight of modern football: Football is the beautiful game and together with Paul and best mate Ian, the fans came out in force to celebrate what could have been the club’s last breaths…

Paul Hodgson has been putting together a feature film about his life since writing his autobiography in 1999 about dealing with disability and his passion for football and Dan Perry Productions began the production process in 2011. This video is part of the Behind The Scenes process and will be part of the special features for the feature film – Darlo Til I Die: Acceptance (working title).

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